Cold Shot

Thanks to the Ice Tech Cryogenic treatment we can improve your weapon’s precision, eliminating the inside stresses during the building processes. Heat generated by the bullet while moving in the barrel at high speed is enormous. A Cryogenically treated barrel can homogeneously dissipate this heat, allowing a more precise trajectory of the bullet.Cryogenical hardening process eliminates stresses and alters the crystal structure of your weapon’s barrel getting its molecular level much more homogeneous, automatically it will be more stable and precise.Thanks to this special treatment, iron gets a smoother and more regular surface which reduces friction and, consequently the heat and wear of the barrel.


 Cryogenic treatment is a thermo process the effects of which are permanent. For the same reasons explained in the "Ice tools" section, it gives unique performances and results in the exciting field of cutting blades. Properly and precisely used it allows us in fact to improve greatly mechanical resistance of all the composite materials we commonly use to build knives. Molecular structure, which after the treatment is denser and more refined, will give us better efficiency in sharpening and, at the same time stronger resistance and durability of the edge. It’s specially useful for jack-knives, in which mechanical parts are more strongly subject to friction, bending or torsion. Last important information: Ice Tech Cryogenic treatment does not alter the hardness of the blade, but it improves its mechanical resistance to wear, obtaining a more dense and homogeneous molecular structure.